Salam Mamas,

It’s Nour here, I am so happy to share something about myself with you and waiting to know more about you.

In Jan 2018 I got certified as a lactation consultant. In fact, the first non-medical background consultant in Kuwait, the Middle East and the only one to date. My passion for breastfeeding started in 2014. Since then, I have fallen in love with breastfeeding and its advocacy. Two years later, aware of the importance of nutrition for mothers and children, especially for the success of breastfeeding, I decided to get a master’s degree in nutrition.

In 2014, I was part of the founding team of the Breastfeeding Support Program in BirthKuwait. A nonprofit volunteering program that supports thousands of breastfeeding mothers through education, empowerment, and support. A year later, I joined Al-Seef Hospital to support breastfeeding mothers and help them provide the perfect nutrition for their infants in the early days.

I am also a Newborn care specialist, I provide hands on classes for new parents to support them to care for the new baby in a skillful way that is based on scientific expertise.

In 2017, I joined the AMANI Birth family to become a teacher in the field of childbirth education and Doula (accompanying the pregnant mother in labor and childbirth). This step was a result of my deep belief that birth and breastfeeding are so connected. Supporting mothers for a satisfactory birth can have a positive effect on breastfeeding. During my breastfeeding practice, I am always witnessing the impact of birth trauma on mothers and effect on breastfeeding.

In 2019 I started offering prenatal and postnatal workout, breathing, and relaxation classes after becoming qualified to offer them for it. It is such a pleasure to accompany my inspiring mama-clients throughout the journey of motherhood. It is always a pleasure and an honor.

I have three children who are the joy of my life. Rony, Faisal and Lara. Motherhood has changed my life since 2006 and my children continue to inspire me every day.